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Having grown up in the country, I have been gardening since the age of four when my mother, made me water our country garden by hand, she also informed me that grew my first garden in an old chook yard at the age of six. Having had several medical scares in the last 20 years, I started to see the health benefits of growing my own food.

I planted fruit trees between my ornamental roses, and this started my garden gloves dilemma. I kept buying garden gloves from our local hardware store and I was always very disappointed by the quality and the appearance of the gloves, and the fact that they would split at the fingertips, so I started searching online for other options. All I found was very masculine gloves that were designed by males for females. This started my design journey with garden gloves and having been told by many factories that my design couldn’t be manufactured I persevered. Hopefully you will enjoy gardening with my inspiring garden gloves.

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