How FunJobs Garden Gloves will make gardening easier.

When I was designing FunJobs Garden Gloves, I considered all the things I would love in a garden glove, and I included them in my designs. This included the flexibility to be able to move my hand quickly and easily to do tasks in the garden seamlessly. I wanted the gloves to be light weight and I didn’t want them to have seams on the fingertips as they would normally split within months. The gloves had to be attractive, feminine, and reliable in the garden, to assist me while I spent hours pulling out the weeds.

They had to be as uplifting as my garden and reflect the creatures that I loved, which included ladybirds which ate the pests in my garden. To ensure the fingertips didn’t split, I asked for them to be doubled tipped in rubber to prevent this from occurring.

I worked with an Italian designer for six months to come up with five designs that I loved and then I conducted a survey in the US to see design was the most popular. The ladybirds won the survey so I decided that was the first design I would produce.

As I was only a small business and many of the big factories didn’t want to have anything to do with a new design that was different to the other gloves so it was very difficult to find someone who would produce them. When I eventually found someone who would manufacturer the gloves, we looked at hundreds of samples and I tested the gloves in my own garden. I also spent a lot of time purchasing gloves from Bunnings and other homeware stores to see what other gloves had to offer and I must say I was quite disappointed. See the picture so the pile of gloves that I tested below.

When I was trialling leather gloves, I found that once they become wet and dried, they were so hard that I couldn’t put my hands back in the gloves, and they were nearly impossible to clean so often I had to throw them out. When FunJobs Garden Gloves become wet and dry they are easy to slip back on or clean in cold water and you can reuse them repeatedly. So don’t miss out on purchasing your pair of FunJobs Garden gloves today.

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