The many ways you can use FunJob Gloves

The gloves have been designed to protect your hands in a wide range of different working environments. They are ideal for DIY projects that don’t include paint, as that is always going to be challenge to clean. I often use them when I am working with wood or renovating our AIRBNB’s. They have a great grip and are light weight, so you don’t feel like you are wearing gloves which makes it easier to bring in firewood or lift heavy items. I found they are very useful when moving furniture as you don’t cut your hands if the furniture slips.

They are also ideal when driving as they protect your hands from the harsh sun and and from aging. If you are over 40 that is always a challenge. I often use them when I am cleaning the house as it protects my hands from any germs that are lurking after we have had visitors. They are light weight and beautiful and can be used when you are pulling out weeds or pruning flowers. I have even used them when I have been riding my bike in colder weather as they have great grip on the handlebars. So don’t miss out on purchasing your FunJobs garden gloves today.

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