How to make your garden flourish

Having been a passionate gardener for over 40 years, there are several things that I have learnt over the years that will make your garden flourish.

The first thing you really need to focus on is the soil. The quality of your soil can be improved without spending a lot of money, but by collecting things such as seaweed from the ocean or wood chips from your local timber mill. Think of the soil as food for your plants so it will need to be topped up regularly with a range of different types of fertilisers to keep your plants in the tip top condition.

The second most important element is to look at the amount of light that each plant requires before you place it in your garden. For instance, never place a Camilla in full sun or a lemon tree in shade.

The third task is to ensure the weeds are regularly removed and plants such as roses are pruned regularly to allow for the new growth. To ensure your lawn isn’t creeping into your garden beds and strangling the plants you love, poison may be the only way to prevent this as often picking them out by hand only means you need to do the same job two weeks later.

The final element is to ensure you get the correct amount of water for each plant based on the location of the plant and the weather in your local area. If you live in Australian is often hot and dry and the soils need a lot of fertiliser and water. If you live in the UK often the soil is allot better quality and less water is required due to the higher rainfall. The best way to check it to dig a hole a couple of inches into the surface of the soil to see how wet the soil and make a judgement of how much water is required. The best way to make your garden flourish is to love it .

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